Deer Creek offers an introductory hunt for non members consisting of 10 birds, a professional guide with dog, safety instruction, and up to four hunters.  Hunters may also bring their own dogs if desired.
Deer Creek offers a variety of individual hunting fields, each with its own personality. Wooded tree lines and rolling hills surround a mixture of natural grasses, wetlands, and a corn and sorghum mix. In the early season the natural grasses and wetlands are your best bet. Several of the hunting fields are located in remote areas of the property, allowing you to feel the true sense of being in the outdoors.

Deer Creek offers the King of Game Birds in a natural setting of Midwestern farm country. Pheasants range in size from approx. 1.5 to 2 lbs. The males have a vibrant plumage, while the females have the camouflage necessary for their survival during breeding season. Pheasants are considered the barroom brawler of the upland bird species and are a very crafty and cagey bird. 

Deer Creek also offers Chukar, a small hen sized bird. Chukars have shorter wings and attain top speed in a short period of time and have a tendency to fly longer distances offering fast and quick shooting.

Deer Creek also has professional guides with well trained dogs available. You can choose from a flushing breed or pointing breed. The two styles are very different, the flushing dog searches through the hunting fields to locate an upland bird, once the dog scents the bird, it flushes it into the air. The pointing breed searches for the bird in the same manner, but once the bird is located it will stop motionless until the bird is flushed by the guide. Both breeds work well for Pheasant and choice is personal preference.

Recommended Guns, Shells, & Shot Type:
You can really use just about any type of shot gun for this type of hunting, but 12 and 20 gauge guns are favored among many Pheasant and Chukar hunters.  Shooting distances can really vary depending upon the terrain and time of the season so we recommend bringing a variety of different chokes if your gun is interchangeable.  Close-up shots are just as common as long leading shots.  We recommend #6 & #7-1/2 shot. (lead shot is permitted and most common).  Deer Creek does provide high quality shells, so you don't have to bring any.

All Hunts must be made in advance by appointment.  Call Tammy to book your hunt today 269-756-6600.